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a superb eve of dance, circus, live music, opera & more

welcome to Project 3000


 The perfect fusion of Dance, THEATRE, MUSIC & more

“I started with the idea of this project many years ago when I had this vision of creating a unique variety show, raising “art” to its maximum”. I always had the necessity of exploring my artistic needs from a different angle.

I wanted to recreate the classics by doing something different from pieces like Don Quixote, Diana & Acteon, Corsaire and other pieces that I have danced, some many times during my career. 

With Project 3000 I intend to bring these pieces to a different level by making them part of the so called spectacle I always dreamed. 

This project is a multidisciplinary spectacle, with most of the art forms under one roof and  over one stage. A symphony of dance, circus, fashion, live music, opera & more. A mutative spectacle.

“a euphony of life.”

'Osiel Gouneo'

creative team


Osiel Gouneo

OG Art & Productions Artistic director - Designer - choreographer - dancer - Content creator & original Idea of project 3000

Cuban Native – Osiel is considered one of the greatest dancers of his generation. Curator and choreographer of Project 3000.


Javier Torres

Og art & productions Executive director & Producer - dancer

From Cuba – passionate about dance, and its ‘business’. Javier is the Executive producer & part of Project 3000 creative team.


Armando Belman

Composer and audio designer of Project 3000

Mexican native, music arranger, producer, guitarist and composer of Project 3000 original music. 



Maria Gonzales

Choreographer & dancer

Mexican native. Choreographer and Project 3000 content associated creator. 

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Miguel Altunaga

associate Choreographer

From Cuba – Movement maker and dancer with Rambert Ballet. Miguel has created work for Carlos Acosta and The Royal Ballet, and others. Associate choreographer and part of Project 3000 creative team.


Carlos J. Martinez

associate & assistant Choreographer

Born in Cuba, Carlos graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Ballet de Cuba. Founder of Ebony Dance Company and MalPaso Dance Company where he became Artistic Director, Choreographer and Principal Dancer collaborating with the Joyce Theatre in New York and National Ballet of Cuba. Carlos is a content associate creator and associate choreographer of Project 3000.


Louise Flanagan

associate Costume designer

British. She holds a BA (Hons) first-class in Dance and Performance Costumes from Middlesex University. She also makes exquisitely sewn costumes.

...a showcase of dance strength, diversity and more.

Handpicked pieces from the most iconic classical repertoire transfigured into a new vision.

the melange

and much more...

the music

New and original music specially composed for Project 3000 by Mexican Composer Armando Belman.

the artists

Handpicked; each of  the artists involved in Project 3000 are a live image of receptiveness and creativity.  Open collaborators and creators, their desire to create uniqueness and to be part of this family, is what makes Project 3000 the perfect paragon.