about OG movement-wear

born in Cuba - designed in Germany - crafted in Italy.

independent of any politics

fighting fashion stigma

Established in 2020 OG Movement-wear is an online expresser of new fashion in dance wear.

Passionate about erradicating a gender-specific dressing code.

Osiel Gouneo's vision is to express this admiration to the online globe, with the mission of focusing on a gender neutral fashion idea.


A Global Movement

We are hungry to reach humans ready to express their true selves, whoever is inside themselves. We aim to reach that animalistic place that we all have, that androgynous expressive self. We want every single soul to be part of it. No matter gender, colour, race or size.


A world brand

We have no limits, we want to expand and take our clothing to every corner of the world. OG is not only a Brand for dancers, it is for every human who dares to be, to dance, to move freely, to express themselves.

We represent change of any kind. We share your language; we embrace idiosyncrasy and diversity.
We are here for the multiculturalists, for the androgynous, for the rainbows.
We are here for you, because we accept the way you are, the way you look,
and because we know it only requires common sense to acknowledge that we are all different.


blurring the boundaries

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